This Friendship day advertisment is made to melt your heart.

A Friendships day special

Wouldn’t care less if Hawks get goose bumps and tears or not. This one surely got Hawky some. PepsiCo India alongside Firecracker Productions has done a remarkable job in bringing together a beautiful piece of video which scratches the nostalgia in all of us.

All emotions aside, Hawky feels PepsiCo may have drifted from their original theme of ‘Oh yes abhi’ and entered Airtel India‘s zone of friendship with their flavour of school. Maybe progressing on their original theme would have helped sustain the perception audiences have for them.

Haven’t seen an advertisement in a long time from PepsiCo which sells all its product lines at once, except of course the festive times. The advertisement already has #backtoschool trending along with several other tags making it a big campaign this friendship’s day.

The Background score seems to settle in with the mood of the ad easily. The tag line is nice and connecting – ‘School khatam ho raha hai, dosti nahin’ sounds good to the ears, but Hawky still has his concerns over its relevance. Not sure if this 4 minuter ad will make it to TV screens and melt the hearts of viewers like how it plans to.


From ‘The Hawk Eye’

Jingle – ★★★★½ /5
ScreenplayHawk-Struck !
Tag line – ★★★★ /5
Ad Impact – Hawk-Struck !
Marketing Intelligence – ★★ /5


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