HM Ambassador just got sold to this French automobile giant and you don’t even know about it.


We all know Ambassador little too well. Despite being of the British origin Ambassador has been the king of Indian roads since 1958. Considered one of the sturdiest cars in the world, recently succumbed to the heat from the Indian automobile industry.

Not to one’s surprise, the customers of today got swayed by the new compact designs, convincing commercials and the pocket-friendly price points. No one backed the car but the Government for their babus, defense personals or our beloved Taxi-wallahs. 

Sales plunged taking Hindustan Motors deep in debt.

Hindustan Motors based in Kolkata, India recently sold HM Ambassador including the Trademark to PSA, A French automobile giant which owns brands like Peugeot, Citroën and DS Automobiles for a mere 80 crores. HM Ambassador plans to clear out their debt with the deal money.

Fun Fact : Correct pronounciation of Peugeot is, ‘POOzho’ and not ‘PEEoJeeOt’

It is still unclear what PSA Group would do with the brand, whether would they revive the model, relaunch it as a retro-lifestyle option or choose to completely kill it – Although, we would really hope to see this legendary car back on Indian roads.

Interestingly, Peugeot had also announced earlier this year that they would be entering the Indian markets more aggressively in partnership with the Birla’s who till run the show for HM Ambassador.

The first give-away of this possible tie-up had come out in 2014 when the Ambassador was featured in an advertisement for Peugeot and it showed a man remodeling the Ambassador to make it look like the more contemporary looking Peugeot 206 – Or are we thinking too much?

Check it out while we groove to this tune :


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