This International Women’s Day, Let’s understand the need for feminism a little better through this beautiful Ad.

While we still struggle to understand feminism and its need in the society. We picked up a gem from Titan Raga which would beautifully cover all that we want to talk about this Women’s day.


The Advertisement is very powerful but what’s interesting is the comments this advertisement managed to get on a popular video streaming channel.

  1. Some people celebrated this advertisement as a welcome change and couldn’t stop thanking Titan for coming up with it.




Titan has proved this time and over that, if there is an issue that needs to be brought up to empower women, they will bring it up. Full points to them for thinking this through.

2. While some people came out lashing how the advertisement portrays men as perverts and that’s all another stereotype that the ad maker overlooked defying the logic of equality.



Without a doubt execution of the idea is a bit dodgy and may offend men for being stereotyped to be sex hungry, but what keeps the idea afloat is a woman as part of the board assuring men that it’s not about men bashing but society bashing.

3. Some people just missed the point totally and gave it a LGBT angle.


4. ..And we had some douche(s) in the company as well.


It is difficult to say if brands have taken up the responsibility to raise the topics that need to be addressed in the society or if it is their quick ticket to fame. But what’s important is that we are educated about the topic and make sensible arguments on the topic.

If you think that a man is unaware of all the things women got through everyday, speak to them, educate them, make them understand how feminism is not only affecting women but the whole society. Bashing would lead to hatred and hatred would lead to the rise of the Mennisits and we would ultimately miss out on the point.

We believe a woman doesn’t require your gifts or wishes this day, what she requires is respect every single day, as equal individuals.

Happy Women’s Day!


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