Your Favourite Rasna just walked in with a stick, gray hair and lots of love.

Pyaarelal ke bachpan ka pyaar – The love story of every Indian

Rasna is back with their ‘I Love You Rasna’ campaign just in time before summer arrives in India. But this time there’s a little more than a twist this time, instead of the existing target audience of 8-14 year olds you will see a film featuring veteran actors like Ram Sethi and Daisy Irani. A super bold step (read as unnecessary) to reposition them as a fruit drink loved across all ages, highlighting the timelessness of the brand.

What the brand should have remembered is that re-positioning is never an easy job and is often suicidal. It gets worse because older people like the actors in the film are often recommended to avoid any such sweetened drinks making sure there is no resonance of the brand with the generation.

Is the product only for Old people now ? Or is the brand expecting the Grandparents to be approving of the sweetened drink ? – A risky proposition !

Image result for akshay kumar rasnaPoint to note is that it’s not the first time Rasna has tried to pull off a flamboyant move, The last failure was marked with Akshay Kumar being pulled in as a brand ambassador in a very jaded avatar giving their existing target audience no reasons to relate to the brand.

The Film conceptualized by Scarecrow Communications is emotional and instantly brings a smile on your face, much like the product itself does.’Haaye ye zaalim duniya‘ is a beautiful melody making the flavor of the TVC. The advertisement further ends with a voice over ‘Bachpan se jisse love kiya ho, aakhir ussi ka naam zabaan pe aayega‘ leaving the nostalgicr taste of Rasna in our memories.




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